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Forks will be Guipago custom lugged or fillet brazed, steel forks unless otherwise noted here
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Add Your Name $25
Adding a custom name decal to the cycle will add $20 to your overall order. The name will be displayed on the top tube.
What Do You Ride Now?
This section is intended to give us an idea of what kind of cycle you are most compatible with. Please complete this section using information about your current or former favorite bike.
Body Dimensions
Fit measurements are best done in your cycling clothing WITHOUT shoes. Make sure to stand up straight and take level measurements. Accurate results require a second person to actually do the measuring. If you have any questions about measurements, please contact us.
For reference during measuring, see the diagram at the top of the page.
Gender *
Find your sternum notch (about a hand’s width below your Adam’s Apple). Put a 1” dowel against notch level with ground. Measure from center of dowel to the ground. (Measurement B on the Body Measurement diagram)
Distance from ground to pelvic bone. Shoes off. Feet shoulder-width apart. Put a book in between legs to represent saddle. Measure from top of level book to the ground. (Measurement C on the Body Measurement diagram)
Measure from Acromium Process to Acromium Process. (Measurement F on the Body Measurement diagram)
Grip a 1” dowel like you would your handlebar. Straighten arm. Find your Acromium Process (the outer most bone of your shoulder). Measure from the Acromium Process to the center of dowel. (Measurement E on the Body Measurement diagram)
Information on the ordering process:
A deposit of $1000 must be received before work begins. Deposits are non-refundable. The remaining balance is due before delivery. Once you have reviewed the drawing of your frame and signed the form you agree to accept delivery of a frame built to those dimensions.
By clicking "submit" you are agreeing to these terms.

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Once you submit your selections, I will review your order and contact you with a quote and talk over the bike-building process with you. For information on base-costs for a Guipago bicycle, see our pricing page.