I do appointments only so your bike doesn't have to sit around a shop for a week while you wait for it,  simply call Bill at 603-856-6174 for an appointment. If it'sa simple fix and can be done in a few minutes like a tube change then just stop by.

I know most of you work long hours and don't have extra time to drive to drop off and pick up your bike.....I offer pick-up and delivery within 20 miles of Goffstown, NH for and additional charge of $30. If it's a simple repair, I'll do it right at your house so you can get back on your bike and ride.

Preventative Maintenance Package

Wash and degrease bike, adjust shifting, adjust brakes,  true wheels, lube chain, lube cables,  grease seatpost, check handlebar, stem headset, bottom bracket, crank, wheels, tires. I recommend this package every 3-6 months, depending on the rider’s usage


Performance Package

Includes Preventative Maintenance Package, plus check dropout alignment and replace all cables and housing. BAM!


Comprehensive Rebuild Package

Includes Performance Package plus complete tear down and build up, cleaning and repack all bearings.    We recommend this package seasonally


Install Cables Does not include cost of cables and cable housing $12/cable

Adjust Hand Brakes wheels may also need truing; cost is for front and rear brakes $20

True Wheel $3 for each spoke replaced, cost is per wheel $15

Adjust Derailleurs, Front and rear $12.

Adjust Hub $20

Adjust Headset $10

Adjust Bottom Bracket includes clean and re-greased $20

True Fork or Frame Cost is for each individually$50 & up

Install Tires/Tubes, wheels off bike$5 ea. Wheels on bike$8 ea.

Sew up tires, including glue $25

CUSTOM WHEEL BUILDS $65 each wheel, does not include parts